American Bashkir Curly Horse Registry

The American Bashkir Curly Horse Registry (ABCR) was founded in 1971 and is the oldest Registry of Curly Horses. The goals of the ABCR are to preserve this rare horse breed, to promote the Curly Horse as much as possible in shows and in the media, provide education about the special features of the horses and to protect the genetic pool of the small breed population worldwide.

ABC 276 Colonel’s Bay Boy

Curly Horses

Find out more about this fascinating breed

ABC 102 Nakita


Check out Curly Horse breeders worldwide

ABC 79 B.C’s September Sue


Online pedigree database for members only

ABC 415 Chases Sage Seeker

Curly Names

Fun tool to create fancy Curly Horse names

ABC 74 Lonnie J


Get help and information any time

ABC 407 Sunshine Xianne

Curly Genes

Get to know the curls (KRT 25 and SP 6, $ 40 each) at Etalon

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